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Do you want the best of everything to include the appearance of your car? European Detail Specialists has been the exclusive detailer for the Barrett - Jackson Classic Car auction since 1988 and will provide you with the same meticulous level of attention and workmanship that they demand. Whether you are entering a concourse event, or simply want your car to be immaculate, it will make a bold statement after going through our unique process applied by
highly skilled professionals.

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European Detail
European Detail

Ceramic Coatings

When investing a large sum in a brand new sports car it is important to preserve the quality of your purchase. One of the top ways to improve the chances of keeping that beauty in tip-top shape is adding a ceramic paint coating.

Recently ceramic paint coatings have become a must in the industry, and are highly praised by car enthusiasts. They help to extend the life of the paint on the vehicles.

European Detail
European Detail

Paint Correction

Feel at ease knowing that your vehicle is in good hands with European Detail. Armed with years of professional auto detailing experience, trust European Detail to have the necessary expertise and skills to successfully get your vehicle back to its full potential without breaking the bank. Call us today in Scottsdale, AZ to get started!

European Detail
European Detail

Complete Detail

Your car will remain in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility throughout the detailed experience. It will not come in contact with any products that contain silicone and chemicals that can adversely affect metal, wood, leather, fabric, and carpets. When the process is completed only a slight scent of luxurious leather will be present in its interior.

European Detail
European Detail

Wheel Restoration

We can transform even the ugliest, most rashiest wheel to the beautiful new state it was in when you bought them.

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