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  • European Detail Exclusive Detailer for Barret-Jackson Car Auction
    European Detail Exclusive Detailer
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  • European Detail Exclusive Detailer for Barret-Jackson Car Auction
    European Detail Exclusive Detailer
    European Detail Exclusive Detailer
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If you are a serious automobile enthusiast, and are looking for the highest level of detailing... look no further. For over 25 years, European Detail Specialists has been dedicated toward automobile detail perfection.



European Detail Specialists has been the exclusive detailer for the Barret-Jackson Classic Car Auction since 1988, and will provide you with the same meticulous level of attention and workmanship that they demand.



From concourse events and exotics to conventional cars, Perry brings you the benefits of his experience, expertise, and most importantly, commitment to your satisfaction. Knowledgeable and Professional Staff.



Your car will remain in our state of the art Climate Controlled Facility throughout the detail experience. When the process is completed only a slight scent of luxurious leather will be present in its interior.

Best Detail for your Auto, Boat, RV, Motorcycle and Aircraft!

Call Us Today, 602-956-6464, or stop in for a detail or wash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How long does it take to detail my car?
Answer: typical complete details will take close to seven hours...black cars seven to eight hours.
Question: How often should I wax my car?
Answer: We don't usually recommend "Carnuba" type waxes in Arizona because they just won't hold up to our extreme Az heat. There are many new products/polishes that allow the paint to breathe, yet offer better protection than waxes. We recommend using them 2X per year minimum. If you want the ultimate protection, read further into the website about 'GLARE'
Question: What are the benefits of automotive detailing?
Answer: Having you car detailed is much like changing the oil in your car. If you plan to keep a vehicle for any length of time or you just want it to be protected and looking good, you should invest in detailing at least once a year. We recommend treating the leather two to three times per year in Arizona
Question: If I wash or wax my own car am I damaging it?
Answer: Not if you do it properly with the right chemicals in a cool shaded area

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